M-Files is a leading global developer and vendor of software for Document Management, Information Management and Enterprise Content Management. As Nordic Partner, we implement solutions using the software that answer to the unique demands of our customers.

The system is easy to use and fully scalable. M-Files quickly becomes widely adopted by the users, mainly because of M-Files unique way of organizing documents and other information: not based on where it is stored in a folder structure, but what it is.

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Used by many different customers, for many different things

M-Files has 10.000’s of customers world-wide, with more than 500.000 users. Their overwhelming verdict is that document management is effective with M-Files, and that it is quick and easy to find and use the right information for the users. The customers vary from small, local firms to global franchises. They use M-Files to solve many challgnes, not just document managment and enterprise content services, but also to make different business processes more efficient. Read customer stories at M-Files.com

Effective and Secure standard solution

Manage documents
and other data

  • Metadata-based
  • Trusted by the users
  • Customizable
  • Take control of your data
  • Access all data from one system
  • Increase productivity and value of data
  • Advanced template management

Safe and secure

  • On-premises or Cloud
  • Encrypted, secure storage of data
  • Manage access rights effectively
  • Work in a Standardized way
  • Reduce errors
  • Capture processes, design workflows and collaborate
  • With automation

Get started quickly,
expand as needed

  • Find information really quickly
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Access to all relevant functionality
  • Via Desktop, Web and Mobile devices
  • Fully integrated with MS Office and Windows

Examples of pre-configured solutions, other than Document Management

Contract Management

Quality Management Systems

GDPR compliance (with automated data deletion)

CRM, HR and many other processes

… and much more, including modular add-ons

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Available for quick and immediate implementation

We are experts at scoping and delivering full implementations of M-Files and are able to start quickly with a pilot for your use-cases.

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Recognized by Gartner

M-Files is recognized as a leader and visionary by several industry analysts such as Gartner Group, Nucleus Research, Forrester etc.

Download: Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 | Nucleus Value Matrix 2019

Easy Document Management

Get started quicker with your Document Management! M-Files DMS (Document Management System) is a very fast and user-friendly software for managing information. Among its key strengths is its quick implementation and easy configuration, but perhaps its main success factor is its ease of use for the End Users.

By assigning documents and other data different Metadata (category, usage area, project, customer, etc.) instead of placing them into folders, it is easier to locate them quickly since everything can be found in several ways without manual searching. The Document Management System can easily be adapted to your unique requirements. Except for Document Managemnt, M-Files can also solve several other challenges. There are ready-made M-Files solutions to Quality Management (QMS), Customer Relations (CRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and more.Find your information faster!

Processing and finding documents and other data is lightning fast, thanks to the technology and principles behind M-Files Document Management.

Manage all company data!

M-Files can easiliy handle all forms of data, from any source. Store, secure and share all documents and other information from one secure place, even in highly regulated businesses. View video: Metadata-based Document Management.

Multi-platform (Win/Mobile/Web)

M-Files has an integrated Desktop Client for Windows, while the Web portal and Mobile app makes the company data vault available to your users, anywhere. View video: M-Files mobile access.

For more info about the M-Files Mobile app, visit:
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M-Files is available for Desktops, Web and Mobile devices.

Pre-configured or Bespoke

Smart information management can be leveraged in many ways. There are ready-made solutions to configure to your needs. M-Files is also an easy platform for tailoring your own solutions.

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Guided Video Tour of M-Files Document Management

Saving data to M-Files

Searching in M-Files

Dynamic views in M-Files

Editing data in M-Files

Sharing data with M-Files

M-Files mobile access

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A detailed look at M-Files

Research into Information Management shows that even companies that make extensive use of systems for ERP, CRM and other business areas still retrain 60 % of their information in documents; mainly simple documents in Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Other studies show that companies generally tend to have about 19 versions of the same document, usually in different folders in the company network — excluding versions on the employees’ own desktops! This further compounds the already complex issues of finding the right information in the right time, and be sure that it’s the right version of that piece of information.

Using M-Files to manage your information, it become much easier to find what you need than in traditional, folder-based solutions. With M-Files DMS, you can be certain to always find the right version first, with full version management allowing you to see past versions.  M-Files keeps track of all sorts of informations and can in most cases completely prevent file doubles in your network.

Metadata ensures relevant promotion of data

When setting up M-Files as your DMS, you decide which metadata, assignments, workflows etc. to connect to different documents. At that point, you typically assign the relevant Users/User Groups as responsible and/or collaborators for different document types and categories.

These documents and other data kan then be published or “marketed” in various clever ways, to ensure they reach the relevant people when they are needed. This makes it very easy to direct the flow of information to the users in a successful way.

Using the search function it is possible to find data based not only on the subject and free-text from within the document, but also on connected roles, groups, projects and other metadata. View the video about Metadata Cards in this section to learn more!

Document Management in different ways, for different people

Find your information faster! Quickly getting a hold on the right information among 100 000’s of documents and other data requires optimal methods for finding and searching in your document management system. With our easy-to-use system for document management, it is possible to find the right data in several ways:

  • In Views: virtual folders that filter files and other data based on select metadata. These can be general views setup for access by the whole company; specific to certain user groups; or completely individual and created by the users for their own Home screen.
  • Through Simple Search, where M-Files quickly give you a ranked list of the most relevant results based on your free-text search. These searches use an advanced algorythm to ensure the items you are most probably looking for get a top ranking.
  • Using Advanced Search, which lets you filter your search and get a smaller selection of results.

Manage data in Views

In M-Files it is possible to filter content based on metadata and promote it to the relevant people using Views. The screenshot shows a View designed to give an overview of projects. Watch the video about Views

Simple search in M-Files

It is possible to perform simple searches on both document contents and metadata. The results are presented with a personal scoring, ensuring that the most relevant data for the current user is shown at the top. Watch the video about Simple Search

Advanced search in M-Files

With the Advanced Search in M-Files, you can specify more precise search criteria and narrow down the results to specific data types, process areas or other metadata. Watch the video about Advanced Search

People are different and it is our experience that they prefer different approaches. Some want pre-configured Views to find the data they are expected to work with quickly from their Home screen, others want to configure their own individual Views based on their schedules and responsibilities. Then there are those that prefer to only use the smart search function. M-Files DMS lets people use any way as a way to find their data: different ways for different people!

Role-based content with Personal Views

In M-FIles, it is possible for users to create their own views with filters for information they need to find quickly. These views can also be created and delivered to the users by an admin. Examples include:

  • List of Active Projects that you have a stake in.
  • Documents you have created or edited recently.
  • Contracts you are responsible for, which are due to expire soon.

If you use Advanced Search and create a really useful set of filters for your role, you can also save that search as a View so that you can have it handy the next time you need it.

Personal searches

Of course, you can also filter normal searches to only find you have a stake in.

Workflows i M-Files

Workflows are used to add value to content, standardize processes and make your people more efficient at using content. They can be used on documents and other data, including projects.

We use M-FIles is for managing all of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and tasks. In our setup for Opportunities, we have the following Workflow steps:

  1. Lead
  2. Qualified
  3. Closed as Won
  4. Closed as lost

Each step can be configured to trigger different events, such as:

  • Send notifications to specified roles
  • Create and send out assignments
  • Give additional users access to a piece of data
  • Change or add metadata to an object
  • … and much more!

If a group of users in Sales are not supposed to be disturbed by every incoming lead before their are set to Qualified status, it is possible to use the M-Files access rights to only give those users access after the lead has reached the relevant step in the workflow. In this way it is possible to govern the flow of data so that the most relevant reaches the users via their Home page, searches and views in the Document Management System.

Very high acceptance among End Users

M-Files has a very intuitive user interface. The software is built into Windows as an extension of Windows Explorer. Saving, searching and managing documents in M-Files feels just like Windows functions, without forcing users to learn a new system.

Read whitepapers at M-Files.com

#1 Document Management System

Top Ten reviews conducts continual reviews of the leading products for document management and has (for the last six years in a row) ranked M-Files DMS as the best system on the market.

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