Elements.Cloud is a super easy Business Process Management solution that helps the company capture, manage and distribute process knowledge to the whole organization.

Use our integration to add visual Process Content from Elements as objects in M-Files. Show Visual Process diagrams in the Right-Pane of M-Files, to easily let your users know the context and best practices for their data.

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Easy, professional tools for capturing and managing process diagrams.
Make process diagrams a natural part of M-Files, adding context to your content.
Configure workflows to handle Quality Processes, connected to visual processes.

Maintain your process diagrams in a stable and feature-rich Cloud service:

  • State-of-the art drawing tools, with drag-n-drop, on-screen guidance, different styling options and swimlanes available
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Link to documents, display multi-media (including video) and more
  • Full version control and change log
  • Access control: decide who may see and edit what
  • Business analytics functionality: understand your organization better
  • Professional support: including support chat, tutorial articles and videos – and diagram templates

Tight integration between M-Files content and their relevant processes

  • Two-way connection between visual processes and M-Files data
  • See M-Files content in a business context:
    • “What is the best practice for using this content?”
    • “What should I think about when starting a new project?”
    • “When is this document ready for the next workflow state?”

Get professional Business Process Management, directly in M-Files

  • Execute processes directly from the visual diagrams
  • Link to M-Files functions, such as “Create New…” to start documents from templates, projects, and much more
  • Access your process content, both from M-Files and the Elements cloud platform
    • Use Elements as a simple, process-based Extranet for customers and other intressents to view specific processes and their relevant content

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