Manage your Monthly Reconciliation in a better and easier way with M-Files

Month-end and Year-end tasks are done best using our elegant M-Files solution.

If you have several / many companies and these are in several countries, the complexity increases. Typically, reconciliations must take place in a specific order and the schedule is therefore extremely important. Not all employees can perform all tasks because most of them are specialized in certain areas.

It is very important to have an overview of what tasks are in progress and which are completed. The cooperation between the employees must be as good as possible, so that they can get an overview of their own tasks and how tasks related to their own tasks progress. At the top it is necessary that the CFO and other relevant people get an overview of the status of the month-end project. The vast majority of work is done in documents, using Word and Excel.

Such work is best undertaken with our elegant M-Files Solution.

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  • Start the Month End Project
  • Create tasks (from a template)
  • Allocate tasks to employees by skills
  • Define specific schedule for the tasks
  • Generate the monthly documents (Word, Excel) from templates or past period
  • Manage document completion
  • Manage the completion of tasks according to the schedule
  • Create overview of month end completion

Unique M-Files functionality

  • Check Out / Check In Documents to Protect Against Errors
  • Version management which allows you to go back to an earlier version
  • Standardized Workflows for managing the process
  • Metadata let you find documents by country, region, company, status
  • Quick searches based on metadata or file content
  • Each employee can have their own Home screen and views to suit their needs
  • Excellent collaboration functionality
  • Deep integration with Office (Word, Excel etc)
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