M-Files is a powerful development platform. As M-Files implementation and application development experts, we have built a portfolio of useful solutions that further extend M-Files’ functionality and features. Our solutions range from smaller add-ons to full, pre-configured management systems.

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Pre-configured Solutions

Our ready-to-use configurations of M-Files, which allow you to accelerate and standardize different process areas.

M-Files Business solutions

Visual Processes for M-FIles

In essence, this app lets your draw Process Diagrams and manage them like regular M-Files Objects.

Elements.Cloud is a professional Cloud Service for process capture and analysis. Our application for M-Files adds Elements’ content and capabilities to M-Files.

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Visual QMS for M-Files

Our Pre-Configured QMS solution adds professional process visualization and Quality Assurance workflows to M-Files.

Create the QMS that suits your organization best, with many modules to choose from.

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Applications and Add-ons:

Controlled Co-Authoring

This Add-on allows you to have complete control of Co-Authoring invitations.

Key features include workflows and UI extensions that standardize co-authoring invitations and allow you to add/remove users.


This add-on gives you a full time-logging and management module in the right-pane.

Capture time with Drag-n-drop functions and create overviews for time spent on projects, etc.

M-Files Licence Management suite

Makes it easy to generate and control licenses.

M-Files Monitoring suite

A collection of useful tools and utilities for monitoring M-Files Vaults.

Other Applications and Small solutions

  • GDPR Compliance, w/ auto-deletion of obsolete data
  • Approval and publication of Controlled Documents
  • Applications for publishing to SharePoint and other systems

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Book a demo or contact us to learn more about our M-Files solutions and applications.
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